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Humanitarianism Through Capitalism®

Humanitarianism Through Capitalism

Food Fund Advisors, LLC, announces its rollout of the U.S. Food Fund, LLC, a hedge fund with the investment goal of “Humanitarianism Through Capitalism®”. U.S. Food Fund is offering investment through a Regulation D, Rule 506(c) Private Placement Offering.

Dawsonville, GA. – December 18, 2013 – Food Fund Advisors, LLC, announces the rollout to investors of its new hedge fund, the U.S. Food Fund, LLC (“USFF” or the “Fund”). In making a Regulation D, Rule 506(c) Private Placement Offering, the USFF is open only to accredited investors.

The USFF ( has multiple main purposes, as stated in its investment goal of “Humanitarianism Through Capitalism®”. The first purpose is humanitarian aid and is designed to help create an international network of food, water, shelter and power reserves, while reducing cost and improving efficiency of the support network. Other purposes include disaster response and insurance pooling. USFF will utilize invested funds to purchase Relief Vaults: “Food Relief Vaults” (“FRV’s”), “Water Relief Vaults” (“WRV’s”), “Power Relief Vaults” (”PRV’s”), “Shelter Relief Vaults” (“SRV’s), and “Combination Relief Vaults” (“CRV’s”) where emergency food and supplies may be stored for many years (the food has a shelf-life of up to 25 years), while being able to provide these emergency supplies on very short notice, when and where needed. These relief vaults are stored at bonded secured warehouse facilities around the U.S. where links to transportation hubs are nearby.

Another purpose of the Fund is to act as a for-profit endeavor. Sales of volumes of emergency food and supplies to governments and municipalities should enable the Fund to achieve a target return of 12%-15% on an annualized basis. “History has shown that a profit motive is an effective motivator for efficiency and cost effectiveness”, said Mills Rooks, a Managing Partner of Food Fund Advisors, LLC, the Manager of the USFF. “We hope to engage accredited investors and institutions, which can see the positive aspects of providing emergency and humanitarian aid, while earning a return on investment for this effort.”

The primary source of products purchased by the Fund is the Global Food Exchange, LLC (“GFE”) of which the Fund is a Distributor and Introducing Agent. The GFE is instrumental to the Fund in its effort to purchase large volumes of relief vaults as the Fund seeks to grow in size and geographic diversification. It is important to understand the relationship as a Distributor/Agent for the Global Food Exchange. The Global Food Exchange is a Colorado-registered company, which manufactures and distributes Food Relief Vaults, Water Relief Vaults, Shelter Relief Vaults and other disaster/famine relief products. Additionally, the Global Food Exchange provides an online exchange intended to bring buyers and sellers together. As the Fund is a Distributor and Introducing Agent of the GFE, this will allow it to purchase Relief Vaults at wholesale prices from GFE. It also allows the Fund access separately to the GFE electronic marketing platform. In order to fully understand the activities of the Global Food Exchange, LLC, see the GFE website at

Food Fund Advisors, LLC, maintains its main office in Dawsonville, GA, with branch offices in Port Royal, SC, and Denver, CO. The website of the Fund, where offering data is available, is

Note: This is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. An offer for investment in the Fund is only being available through a Private Placement Offering Memorandum that may be obtained on the Fund’s website or its Managers. This is a speculative investment, involves a high degree of risk, and should not be purchased by anyone who cannot afford the loss of their entire investment. This investment is ONLY open to accredited investors.

Contact: Mills Rooks, U.S. Food Fund, LLC, c/o Food Fund Advisors, LLC, 208 Summitrail Ln., Dawsonville, GA, 30534, Telephone: 843-605-0060 or 843-476-7164, Email: .